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ARI Cron
ARI Vogt
ATL Adams
ATL Hechavarria
ATL Sandoval
BAL Davis
BAL Holaday
BAL Velazquez
BAL Williams
CHA Delmonico
CHA Dyson
CHN Martinez
CHN Phegley
CHN Souza
CHN Vargas
CIN Colon
CIN Davidson
CIN Jankowski
CIN Payton
CLE Freeman
CLE Leon
CLE SantanaD.
CLE Taylor
COL Butera
COL Kemp
DET Alcantara
DET Bonifacio
DET Demeritte
DET Greiner
DET Haase
HOU Garneau
HOU Mayfield
KC Gordon
KC Starling
MIA Alvarez
MIA Forsythe
MIL Morrison
MIL Sogard
MIN Adrianza
NYA Mercer
NYN Cespedes
NYN Dozier
PHI Garlick
PHI Walker
PIT Murphy
PIT Osuna
PIT Riddle
SD Allen
SD Garcia
SEA Bishop
SEA Gordon
SEA Hudson
SEA Odom
SEA Smith
SF Duggar
SF Heineman
SF Pence
STL Ravelo
STL Wieters
TB Perez
TB Smith
TEX Heineman
TEX Mathis
TEX Refsnyder
TOR Drury
WAS Difo
WAS Hernandez
WAS Holt
ARI Lopez
ARI Mella
ATL Erlin
ATL Newcomb
BAL LeBlanc
BAL Lopez
BAL Phillips
BAL Sulser
BAL Wojciechowski
BOS Brewer
BOS Brice
BOS Covey
BOS Godley
BOS Hart
BOS Kickham
BOS Stock
BOS Valdez
BOS Walden
CHA Cishek
CHA Detwiler
CIN Jones
CIN Miley
CLE Cimber
CLE Plutko
COL DiazJ.
COL Estevez
COL Gonzalez
DET Funkhouser
DET GarciaR.
DET Nova
DET Schreiber
HOU Castellanos
HOU Sneed
KC Harvey
KC Kennedy
KC Newberry
KC Zuber
LAA Barnes
LAA Milner
LAA Teheran
LAN Alexander
MIA Boxberger
MIA Dugger
MIA Kintzler
MIA Smith
MIA Tarpley
MIA Vincent
MIL Lauer
NYA Holder
NYN Brach
NYN Gsellman
NYN Oswalt
OAK McFarland
OAK Mengden
PHI Hale
PHI Hembree
PHI Morgan
PHI Parker
PHI Phelps
PHI Workman
PIT Holland
PIT Neverauskas
SD Altavilla
SD Williams
SEA Graveman
SEA Hirano
SEA Lail
SEA Lockett
SEA Magill
SF Coonrod
SF GarciaR.
SF Gott
STL Woodford
TB Thompson
TEX Benjamin
TEX Chavez
TEX Gibaut
TEX Goody
TEX King
TEX Lyles
TOR Font
TOR Roark
TOR Waguespack
TOR Yamaguchi
WAS Bacus
WAS Guerra
WAS Harper
WAS McGowin
WAS Sanchez

The Internet Baseball League (IBL) is a continuous-ownership, play-by-email league which uses its own board game known as "The IBL Game" (or TIG). The IBL began with a USENET post on rec.sport.baseball in 1991. The league now consists of 24 teams playing 162 game schedules.

Each IBL owner is responsible for playing 81 home games during a 27-week season, generally beginning in April and finishing sometime in October. Additionally, managers prepare a Manager's Instruction Sheet (MIS) each week for road games. Owners frequently play head-to-head online via our IRC server, eliminating the need for instructions. Game results and stats are reported via E-mail.

The IBL is always interested in having new people join as Associates. Associates participate by playing games for owners who have scheduling difficulties, or act as caretakers when an owner must step away for an extended period of time. Associates are generally the first in line to be selected for team ownership when a vacancy exists.